Selfmastery™ Products

Selfmastery™ programs and training are easy-to-learn and easy-to-practice. They are available in various formats: As iPhone/iPad Applications, as downloads, on DVDs or CDs, and as group courses in the San Francisco Bay Area.

MasterMeditation | ActiveMeditation | Lotus TaiChi | RnR


MasterMeditation is a simple and effective system to help you progress through the different levels of Meditation.  Learning meditation is easy. The challenge is always in maintaining a routine and making appreciable progress through the higher levels of meditation.

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ActiveMeditation™ is a highly effective form of movement-based meditation that can
be done by almost anyone.
This down-to-earth system is easy to learn and takes less than five minutes a day
to perform.

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Lotus Tai Chi™

The Lotus routine is a series of easy-to-remember movements which will reduce stress, enhance focus, and increase awareness.

Lotus Tai Chi™ is a proven, effective mind-body program. It is especially well suited for people with active lifestyles.


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Relax & Recharge™

This is a series of exercises designed especially for people who work in an
office environment.

The exercises are easy, practical, and effective.

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For a limited time Selfmastery™ is providing you with a Free online membership that gives you access to the many resources Selfmastery™  has to offer.

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