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Office Meditation MP3 download

This five minute relaxation and meditation routine will teach you to center yourself easily, quickly and discretely so that you can stay at your best throughout the day.

The calming instructions guide you through a simple routine which will deliver immediate and lasting results.

Perfect for people who need to maintain focus amongst a busy schedule, or just want to take a few minutes to refresh their mind, body, and spirit on a hectic day.




Sounds of Light: Meditation CD

Sound affects us all at a deep level. Chanting, using sound to bring the mind into a deep state of awareness, has been used throughout time to develop focus and mental clarity, relieve stress and fatigue, alleviate chronic pain, and strengthen the mind and body.

The Sounds of Light Meditation CD contains several non-religious chants with instructions for their use.

Whether beginning or advanced in your meditations, incorporate these chants and experience the benefits of a clear and relaxed mind in your daily activities.