MasterMeditation is a simple and effective system to help you progress through the different levels of Meditation.  Learning meditation is easy. The challenge is always in maintaining a routine and making appreciable progress through the higher levels of meditation.

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This program is designed with two goals: to teach you how to meditate, and to guide you to set up a consistent program where you will achieve significant benefits. You will set up a process to ease meditation into your daily routine, allowing you to advance through higher levels of meditation and self-empowerment.
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Get Certified

If you have completed one of the MasterMeditation™ levels and wish to get certified, you may take the certification test. Certification allows you to move onto other levels, and gives you free membership privileges. To take the test and get certified, follow the link below.

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Free membership includes:

You may take the tests as many times as you like in order to gain a passing grade for certification. Certification entitles you to move onto the Intermediate level and entitles you to free membership privileges.


What will MasterMeditation™ do for you?

MasterMeditation gives you a meditative program that will work to improve the quality of your life. Significant benefits are gained from learning and practicing any of the levels.

The first few stages focus on the skills you are likely to learn in most commercial meditation courses.

Benefits include:

The next three stages cover skills that allow you to gain access to lower levels of consciousness and experience the reality around you at a more fundamental level. This new awareness and control allows you to shape your life into what you want.

The final two stages move you towards mastery of yourself and the environment that surrounds you. Advanced and powerful skills are taught.  You will gain clear and certain insight into your inner mind,  while gaining unbelievable control over the world around you.


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