Organizational Development

The Self Mastery Foundation offers programs which are customized for your workplace
or organization.

Workplace training programs are delivered by Balance.point Strategic Services (BPSS),
our business division.  BPSS has an outstanding record of transforming people and organizations through a process of positive change.

BPSS is pleased to offer Relax & Recharge™ workshops, group classes and individual coaching at your worksite, conference or retreat!  This is a series of exercises designed especially for people who work in an office environment.  They are equally effective for people who spend longs periods of time sitting (drivers, equipment operators, etc.).   The exercises are easy, practical, and effective.

Stressful environments and situations can develop long lasting stress patterns that dominate your life. These simple skills will give you the tools for stress relief, and the ability to stay well and Thrive at Work.

BPSS also provides services in the following areas:

Foundation Training Series:

  • Health and Wellness at Work
  • Participatory Ergonomics
  • Fundamental Communications
  • Achieving Excellence: Team Building
  • Achieving Excellence: Continuous Learning
  • Leadership Academy (individual/group custom training)

Related Services:

  • Needs assessments, metrics, evaluations
  • Executive Coaching (private classes, any topic)
  • Work group coaching and mentoring
  • Multimedia training tools
  • Online classes

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