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About Us

Daniel Johnson, SBNThe unique approach of the Self Mastery Foundation
stems from the history of its founder.  SBN Johnson began meditation studies at an early age for practical reasons:
as a child, he had dyslexia.  He trained under the most rigorous masters in Zen and Taoist philosophies and martial arts for many years.

Through this process of successfully overcoming his dyslexia, he developed an extremely effective system for unlocking the potential of the mind.  It combines cutting edge science, with centuries old meditative techniques.

After leaving formal meditation training, SBN Johnson utilized his system to become a highly successful software engineer, business consultant and life coach.  He then founded the Self Mastery Foundation, with the goal of helping people learn how to take charge of their lives.

All programs reflect his deep understanding of Eastern techniques and the Western mind.  They are practical, non-religious and effective.